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I-CEPS 2023


The inaugural International Congress on Evidence-Based Parenting Support (I-CEPS) was held on June 6-9, 2023. Its overarching theme was ‘Promoting well-being and health globally through effective parenting support.’ In line with this theme, the Congress aimed to inspire global collaborative efforts in making high-quality, evidence-based, and culturally appropriate parenting support accessible for the benefit of young people worldwide. The event featured over 240 presentations surrounding seven key subthemes: the impact of parenting, child maltreatment and adversity, diverse service contexts, future directions, implementation science, global perspectives and vulnerable families.

Recording Library

Following the success of the I-CEPS 2023 OnDemand period, a selection of Congress recordings will remain accessible until June 2024. You will need to create an account to view this content, but there are no additional costs associated with this process. 

Why Use Our Library?

  • Expert Insights: Access recordings from renowned experts in the field of evidence-based parenting support. Learn from their knowledge and experience.

  • Convenience: No need to travel or worry about scheduling conflicts. You can watch and learn at your own pace, on your own time.

  • Continuous Learning: Whether you're a parent, therapist, educator, or researcher, our recordings offer ongoing opportunities for professional development and personal growth.

  • Diverse Content: We cover a wide range of topics and perspectives to ensure relevance and inclusivity.

Start exploring today and gain valuable insights to make a positive impact on families and children around the world.

I-CEPS 2023 Resources

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